Our Mission

Global Risk Solutions, Inc., is committed to ensuring our clients' peace-of-mind, while supporting and preserving their quality of life throughout our mission objectives. We are a full-service provider, dedicated to maintaining the highest level of performance to our clients and their assets, ensuring a safe and secure environment for all aspects of their daily life and business ventures.

Global Risk Solutions, Inc. is a professionally licensed security company based out of California, serving clients nationwide.

Chief Executive Officer & Founder

Mena Ghali


Mena Ghali is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Global Risk Solutions, Inc. (GRS, Inc.) a protection and investigation group. Mena is an accomplished intelligence and surveillance expert with a diverse military and protection background. His years of experience has allowed him to develop the ability to exercise sound judgment and focus in high stress situations, as well as evolve critical analytical and analysis skills. Mena has instilled the same principles to Global Risk Solutions, Inc.’s agents and investigators to foster a commitment to excellence and an approach built on firm policies and procedures.

Before founding Global Risk Solutions, Inc., Mena was a Director of Operations for a large California based Executive Protection company. He oversaw communications, actionable intelligence, company infrastructure, training and development, as well as planning and direction to ensure max value and performance for the company and clients.

Mena has held the title of Active Service member since 2008 for The United States Army and serves as an Intelligence Analyst and PSYOP Instructor. Prior to this, Mena was employed by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) as a Federal Protective Safety Officer (FPSO) overseeing the development of risk and threat mitigation strategies.

WHY USE Global Risk Solutions, Inc.?

Global Risk Solutions, Inc. is a professionally licensed security company composed of industry experts in operational disciplines such as Personal Protection, Physical and Information Security, Risk and Crisis Management, Surveillance, and Investigations.

Our team consists of experienced agents and investigators that have a combined 65 years of industry knowledge and expertise in leadership and given fields. Our team consists of professionals that lead with honor, integrity, transparency, commitment, and discipline. Our team possesses a tremendous depth of experience in many fields of providing protection in industries, such as the Private, Government, and Education Sectors, as well as Corporate Offices, Family Offices, Healthcare, Hospitality, Transportation, and Energy.

We offer customized protection services that can be designed to accommodate our clients preferences and needs. We are dedicated to supporting and preserving our clients quality of life, while ensuring the utmost protection of our clients and their assets. Our knowledge and insight translates into best practices and proven strategies that are woven into our daily practices and execution. Since security risks are interconnected and ever evolving, you can rely upon Global Risk Solutions, Inc. to handle all of your protective needs with processes and solutions that will not falter, providing you peace of mind.

Mark BosqueFounder & CEO / K9 X-Factor
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“I have been impressed with the Global Risk Solutions, Inc. staff and their professionalism. They are the real professionals in the Security Industry. Their agents are consistently striving to be the best and are always enthusiastic about taking care of the client. I couldn’t be happier with their staff and all they have done.”
Chris RamirezManaging Partner / Mason Black Risk Mitigation
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“My experience with Global Risk Solutions, Inc. has been a Godsend. I have been contracting Global Risk Solutions, Inc. team for over 7 years and their versatility still amazes me. Many times, my clients discover a special need for a type of service outside of the “Norm” & Global Risk Solutions, Inc. is my first call. The Global Risk Solutions, Inc. team utilizes all of their resources to ensure our clients’ needs are met and satisfied. They are a well-oiled machine, with capabilities to muster a force within 2 hours of a call. Global Risk Solutions, Inc. has a strong, professional team of seasoned agents who take the utmost pride in their work, which consists of safeguarding corporate interests, protecting assets, and saving lives. Global Risk Solutions, Inc. is a formidable company who has proven themselves time and time again.”
Jeanne M. Private Client
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“Global Risk Solutions, Inc. ensures that all your needs are met, consistently! They ask all the right questions & have all the answers. They’re diligent on their follow through and if the situation changes, they adapt and overcome immediately. They are very Thorough & Professional. I continue to use them and highly recommend them to all.”
Eddie YbarraOperations Director / Global Secure 3
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“Global Risk Solutions, Inc. is a Premier Security Company. They are extremely reliable, and I can always count on them to provide support with any situations no matter what time of day.”
Stephen Coyne Business Development Manager / Deckers Brands
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“Working with the Global Risk Solutions, Inc. team is such a pleasure. Professionalism, Reliability, & Integrity are all key components of their work ethic. Global Risk Solutions, Inc. is what you’re looking for when it comes to Security.”
Van BetheaV.P. U.S. Operations / AFIMAC U.S.
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“As a valued resource provider, Global Risk Solutions, Inc. has consistently provided our company and our clients with the highest-level of Professional Protective Services throughout the United States. Their management team makes it a priority to go that “extra mile” to ensure Operational Expectations are met on each project assigned to them.”