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Planning a safe event in Greater San Francisco

Event security is fundamental to any gathering; guests must feel safe to attend and – ultimately – enjoy the event.  

When planning your event, keep in mind that it will be different from any other. You want a security plan that draws from previous experience but also adapts to your event’s unique location and goals.

For a smooth, secure event, you want an experienced team of security professionals to develop a well-researched, tailored plan.  The same group then executes the plan, monitoring activity during the event and adapting to threats in real-time.  After the event, you’ll want to conduct an after-action review to improve security operations in the future.

Some events that require a strong security presence include:

  • Corporate Events
  • Fundraisers and Charity Events
  • Premieres, Red Carpet Events
  • Ceremonies and Awards Shows
  • Parades and Largescale Public Events
  • Sporting and Stadium Events
  • Conferences and Trade Shows
  • Celebrity Appearances
  • Press Junkets
  • Speeches, Talks, and Public Addresses
  • Concerts and Festivals
  • Local, Country, and Regional Fairs
  • Tournaments and Competitions
  • Theaters and Show Venues
  • Meetings and parties that high-net-worth individuals will attend
  • Weddings, Parties, and other large family events



Step 1: Risk Assessment & Pre-Planning

The first step to event security planning usually happens several weeks or months before an event. Event security encompasses a broad range of objectives and coverage depending on the client’s specific needs. Therefore, our first step in approaching any event is to analyze your needs and situation. Then, we thoroughly assess the brief and provide a thorough assessment of what resources are needed to achieve your security goals.

After assessing your event’s coverage needs, we plan strategically according to priorities and budget. 

Physical Location

You want to perform a full risk assessment of the physical location.   We look at factors like venue capacity, travel and traffic flow, potential risks and liabilities, surrounding areas, and necessary personnel.

Personnel, Background Checks

A proper security plan includes the staffing of personnel required for your specific event – this may consist of access control procedures and guards, surveillance specialists, close protection, emergency response, and traffic specialists – to name a few.  

Team members must be run through background checks and vetted before working any event.

Highly-trained personnel provides the backbone to manage risk and provide a secure, safe experience for all.


In addition to event personnel, it is also helpful to develop a profile of who will be attending the event or carefully review any guest list. There may be a need for background checks or a familiarization process with the audience type.

Permis & Coordination with Local Governance, Insurance

There is almost always a need to comply and coordinate with local ordinances for special events.  These regulations often require meeting specific insurance requirements and abiding by pre-defined parameters during the event.  

Intelligence Gathering and Threat Assessments

Gather and interpret real-time information related to events and situations. Our intelligence team — backed by decades of experience at the most sophisticated intelligence operations — can collect and analyze data points from various sources such as social media, online resources, and criminal activity databases.

Resource Audit

After you know what your event will require, you’ll want to perform a full audit of the existing resources:

  • Existing, full-time security personnel
  • Security checkpoints
  • Surveillance systems
  • Entry/exit points
  • Emergency plans
  • Fire systems
  • Capabilities of local law enforcement
  • Security plans for previous events
  • Existing insurance policies
  • In general, you want to alleviate a security concern through existing resources without wasting valuable budget

Now that you know what resources you have to work with, you can make a well-informed plan and get buy-in from all stakeholders.  

Pebble Beach Resorts are home to hundreds of events throughout the year, with many hundreds of thousands of people attending.

Step 2: Executing the Event Security Plan

During the event, it’s all about executing the plan.  Managers and security personnel need to work together to manage a potentially wide range of staff and services for the event. For example, you’ll need to coordinate on-the-ground security, crowd control personnel, ticket ushers, traffic control and parking services, gate attendants, guest services, and more. 

There are thousands of weddings each year in the Bay Area - each venue and guest list creates unique security concerns.

Step 3: Post Event Security

Post-event services are just as crucial as other elements of the event security planning process. After an event, we help you plan and implement changes that will improve the event’s quality in the future and make it more secure. Global Risk Solutions offers a thorough, systematic, and analytical post-event assessment to provide you with all the information you need to assess how the event went. Even though our pre-event plan and operations keep the event safe, our post-event services offer additional insight into how everything worked in the end, allowing you to iterate and improve upon your security plan for the next event.

Outdoor music concerts and festivals - with their large crowds - create numerous security threats for entertainers and guests.


A lot goes into successful event security, which is why we maintain a strict strategic, analytical, and tactical approach to all of our special event security services. When clients present a security challenge to us, we assess the risks comprehensively and recommend an action plan. 

The security process may seem like a simple ID and bag check to general attendees. However, there is much more at play. Health, safety, liability, emergencies, compliance issues, regulations, management, infrastructure, training, traffic, and more are significant aspects of event security planning. 

Global Risk Solutions specializes in bringing all the elements of event security together and coordinating them in a thoughtful, systematic process.  Choosing an experienced security provider who knows how to plan for the worst-case scenario is essential so that only the best outcomes occur. For most events, leaving security up to an organization that only provides security guards on the grounds is insufficient. It leaves you, attendees, and all parties involved open to serious health, safety, liability, and other physical threats. 

We also have a helpful articles for you to navigate the security company hiring process and help you think through the factors that determine pricing.

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About Global Risk Solutions

Global Risk Solutions is professionally licensed, and our team carries over 100 years of industry expertise at the highest security levels of government, corporate, healthcare, energy, and private industry.

Ultimately, clients who meet with us for a consultation get an immediate sense of our breadth of knowledge and insight for security challenges. We built our success on a team of experts specializing in crucial operational disciplines. As a result, we are not a one-dimensional event security company; we are a multifaceted security organization with access to intelligence tools, advanced surveillance methods, elite field agents, and tactical risk mitigation and crisis management tools.  

Our on-the-ground agents have extensive experience in law enforcement, military, and other protective agencies that provide the same high level of proactive services.

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The Bay Area is currently experiencing heightened threat levels, which makes it more important than ever to have a professional security plan for any event.